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Routledge Research in Study Abroad and International Students Series  offers a scholarly forum for original and innovative research to understand the issues and challenges as well as share the best practices related to international student mobility in K-12 and beyond, education abroad, and exchange programs globally that creates a professional network of researchers and practitioners. The mission of this collaborative series is to promote interdisciplinary scholarship opportunities and critical dialogues by connecting professionals and academics who are involved in serving the international student population. Specifically in the changing global context, this book series aims to serve as an advocacy forum for international students.

As an interdisciplinary scholarly venue, this book series welcomes new ideas and best practices related to international student mobility, study abroad, exchange programs, student affairs from the US and around the world, and from a wide range of academic fields, including student affairs, international education, and cultural studies. The audience of this book series includes high-level researchers and postgraduate researcher (doctoral/postdocs). The books are equally important for students, faculty, administrators, policymakers, and educators engaged in research and practices in colleges and universities. We are expecting the books published in the series will be adopted as academic textbook in the graduate programs in the US, UK and beyond (e.g., PhD in Higher Education at Kent State University, University of Montana, George Mason University) where this course/topic has been taught.

Potential themes for this series may include one or more of the following major topics:

  • Emerging trends and issues of international student mobility
  • Study abroad in K-12 and postsecondary institutions
  • Campus support services and international student engagement
  • Academic support services for international students and scholars
  • International student retention, admissions, and transfer
  • Student engagement and integration of international and domestic students
  • Immigration issues and visa policies for international students
  • Programs and policies of sending and hosting countries
  • International student career preparation and employability
  • Domestic students as international students and study abroad programs
  • International student success and role of student affairs
  • Internships and service learning centers for international students
  • International student leaders and leadership development
  • Globally mobile LGBTQ+ students
  • Study abroad programs (including faculty and student exchange programs)
  • Internalization and international students

During the annual conference of the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) in Mexico City in 2018, the Study Abroad and International Students SIG  proposed a SIG-sponsored Study Abroad and International Students Book Series in partnership with Routledge publications. Throughout the collaborative projects including webinars, the leadership team from the STAR Scholars Network also become interested to join this series project. Manuscripts considered for inclusion in this book series may be authored or edited research monographs, and have a general focus on student mobility, study abroad, and international student studies. For more information on how to submit a book proposal, read the Call for Manuscript Proposals, Book Proposal Form and Author Guidelines.

About CIES and SIG:

CIES is the largest and oldest of 47 comparative and international education societies around the world. It includes  more than 3,000 individual members — researchers, analysts, practitioners, and students who represent over 1,000 universities, research institutes, government departments, non-governmental organizations, and multilateral agencies across the globe. The Study Abroad and International Student is the second largest SIG in the association that focuses on the issues related to study abroad and international student studies.

About STAR Scholars Network:

STAR Scholars Network is a transnational forum of scholars that advances global social mobility by using research and advocacy. Our mission is to carry out scholarly research and publication related to international education, exchange program, academic mobility and employability. We envision a humane world and we fulfill our mission by creating dialogue forums of exchange through our activities such as conferences and consultation. STAR stands for Society of Transnational Academic Researchers.

Proposal Guidelines

Please use the following guidelines to submit a book proposal in this series

Cover Letter

Identify yourself and your book in the cover letter and include your full name, mailing address, phone and email address. Please include a curriculum vitae and list of publications, along with any other useful information.

Book Series Proposal

Please include the following elements in the proposal (see Book Proposal Form):

  • Proposed volume title;
  • Brief statement of the book;
  • Prospectus (aims and scope of the book), usually 1-2 pages;
  • Brief bios of each editor/author;
  • Table of Contents, which lists proposed chapter titles, author name(s), and brief abstracts;
  • Estimated total word count, not to exceed 95,000 words (ideal range is between 70,000-90,000 words);
  • Insert a statement that reads, “This proposal is not under consideration by any other publisher.”;
  • Insert a statement that reads: “No portions of the proposed manuscript have been previously published. All chapters are original and written expressly for this volume.”;
  • Figures and Tables: the total number of figures and tables in the volume cannot exceed 20;
  • Target readership/market;
  • Competing publications (list all similar books currently available);
  • Unique features this publication will have;
  • Sample chapters (ideal to have at least two or more sample chapters); and
  • Proposed Timeline for submission and completion of the volume.

Send all correspondence regarding your book proposal via email to:

Editor at

Series Co-Editors, Chris R. Glass & Krishna Bista,  Study Abroad and International Students Book Series, E-mail:

Please contact Routledge Editor Elsbeth Wright to discuss your idea at

Current Book Proposals in the Series (2019-2020):

  1. International Student Mobility and Opportunities in Community College (Tina & Ade, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign)  
  2. (In)Equality in Study Abroad and Student Mobility: Challenges and Practices (Suzan Kommers, University of Masschettesses, Amherst)
  3. International Doctoral Students and Their Academic Experience (Ryan & Roy, Indiana University)
  4. International Faculty Experience in Higher Education (Xi Lin, East Carolina University)
  5. Employability of International Students in Australia (Jasvir Kaur & Tekendra Subba, LaTrobe University, Australia)
  6. American students’ college experiences with their international peers on campus (Uttam Gaulee, Morgan State University)
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