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The Study Abroad and International Student SIG seeks to create a professional network of researchers and practitioners working to understand the issues and challenges as well as share the best practices related to international student mobility in K-12 and beyond, education abroad, and exchange programs globally. The mission of this SIG is to promote interdisciplinary scholarship opportunities and critical dialogues by connecting professionals and academics who are involved in serving the international student population. Contact us on Facebookand LinkedIn.

We would like to invite you to fill out this quick online form regarding the openings of our  SIG within the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) and your thoughts on new projects.

The idea of this SIG started from a group of enthusiastic scholars and practitioners who have been regularly writing and publishing on international student studies including in the Journal of International Students. They also met in 2015 CIES conference to establish a scholarly platform for sharing and presenting recent research, innovative practices to address the issues and challenges of international students and scholars. As a part of further discussion from September 10, 2016 to April 20, 2017, we organized several webinars where a panel of speakers discuss, share ideas, and learn how colleges and universities currently support these students, how they could promote best practices from their institutions and experiences and what professional development opportunities they could create for themselves by having ongoing conversations. From our professional contacts in these past academic engagements, the following scholars have agreed to support in establishing this SIG.


Among the topics that this SIG focuses on are:

  • Emerging trends and issues of international student mobility and study abroad in K-12 and postsecondary institutions
  • Campus support services and international student engagement
  • Academic support services for international students and scholars
  • International student retention, admissions, and transfer
  • Support and resources for integration of international and domestic students
  • Immigration issues and visa policies for international students
  • Cross-cultural experience in faculty/staff exchange programs
  • Higher education policies of sending and hosting countries
  • International student career preparation and post-study employability
  • Domestic students as international students and study abroad programs
  • International student success and role of student affairs
  • Internships and service learning centers for international students
  • International student leaders and leadership development
  • Globally mobile LGBTQ+ students
  • Intercultural communication and competence for international students and their counterparts


As an interdisciplinary scholarly venue, this SIG welcomes new ideas and best practices related to international student mobility, study abroad, exchange programs, student affairs from the US and around the world, and from a wide range of academic fields, including student affairs, international education, and cultural studies. The audience of this SIG includes international and domestic students, faculty, administrators, policymakers, and educators engaged in research and practices in colleges and universities.


In our work as a SIG we strive to be mindful of: Collaborating with educators and practitioners from different cultures, languages, and nationalities who are interested in researching about international students and scholars; Promoting new research and mentoring scholars who are directly/indirectly working with international student and scholars, offices of international education/student affairs, student exchange programs, and other organizations of cross-cultural studies; Sharing best practices and values on international student studies that emerge from collaborative engagement and professional growth in the field of international education

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