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Annual Reports

2020-2022 Budget and Expenditure (Dr Asada Sarah

2019-2020 Budget and Expenditure [available balance: $1,849.72]

Business Meeting Agenda and Minutes

2019-2020 Membership Updates |75 Members as of April 4, 19(Registered) | 91 members as of March 25, 2020



Section 1. Special Interest Groups (SIGs) promote new research and mentor educational researchers.
Section 2. Any group of 15 or more active CIES members may petition to establish a SIG.
Section 3. Petitions to establish SIGs are accepted or rejected by the CIES Board of Directors and must be received by July 1 prior to the next CIES annual meeting.
Section 4. SIGs are formally installed at the State of Society Meeting subsequent to their accepted petitions by the Board of Directors.
Section 5. Each SIG must:
a. Assess dues of$10 per member (to be collected by CIES)
b. Present an annual report to the Board, which shall include a financial report.
c. Present annual membership administration fees to CIES in an amount of $150 for SIGS up to 60 members and $300 for SIGs over 60 members determined by the Board.
d. Follow the policies and procedures of the SIGS as mandated by the Board of Directors.
e. Report to the chair of the SIG Committee any requests or concerns it may have relating to its purpose, structure, or relationship to the Society overall.
Section 6. If in good standing, each SIG is allocated one business meeting time slot and one SIG
Highlighted Panel at the CIES Annual Meeting. SIGs with at least 60 active members shall be allocated one additional SIG Highlighted Panel.

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